Keynote Speaker 2024

Dr Lucy Webb

Lucy Webb is a Reader in Psychosocial Health in the School of Nursing and Public Health at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her specialist clinical and research background is young people, substance use and recovery trajectories. She has worked as a senior nurse in drug and alcohol liaison at St George’s Hospital in London, delivering motivational and behaviour change interventions.

From a research perspective, Lucy is particularly interested in the stages of recovery from substance use, from early identification and outreach to sustained recovery. In addition, she addresses the notion of recovery itself, championing the self-identification and holistic definitions and is happy to defend against medical/clinical imposed definitions for the purposes of measurement and tick-box outcomes.

Her work has included applying co-creation approaches with people who define themselves in recovery to identify features of sustained recovery over time, service evaluation and development for Alcohol Care Teams in the North West, and access to palliative services for people with continuing use at end of life. She is currently working on an international project to track universal features of long term and sustained recovery, and delivering a project in the North West to examine access barriers to services for non-engaged dependent drinkers and harms for young people.

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