Guest speaker 2023

Guest Presentation:

“The role of health psychology in the development of self-management education programmes for type 2 diabetes”

Dr Michelle Hadjiconstantinou

Short Bio:
Dr Michelle Hadjiconstantinou
is a Research Fellow in Behavioural Science at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, University of Leicester and holds a Chartered Psychology membership with the British Psychological Society. Michelle holds over ten years of research experience in diabetes prevention, self-management and the psychosocial aspects of diabetes, and holds a well-established portfolio in qualitative research methods. Her main research interests are in self-management, intervention development, digital health, behaviour change and the psychosocial aspects of living with diabetes. Recently, Michelle has taken on the role as a Workpackage Lead for three NIHR-funded projects. In addition to her research capacity, Michelle is a co-Lead of the Self-Management module for the University of Leicester MSc Diabetes course, and acts as a supervisor for MSc and PhD students.

Guest Presentation Summary:
The talk will cover examples of health psychology in academic research and the importance of this discipline when developing interventions. This includes the application of theoretical frameworks and behavioural theories in intervention development and evaluation.

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