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The Midlands Health Psychology Network was founded by Health Psychologists for Health Psychologists in order to provide an accessible platform for sharing thoughts, challenges and professional experience on training, research and practice.

Health Psychology

Health Psychology is still regarded as a relatively new branch of Psychology. In the UK, it largely emerged in the 1980s, with the Health Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) being established in 1986.

Further details on its origins can be found here: Journal article

At the forefront of a Health Psychology approach lies the belief, that health and well-being are determined by an interplay of biological (physiological), psychological as well as social aspects of an individual’s life.

Health Psychologists typically work in areas related to psychological, bio-behavioural, social and environmental factors in physical health and medical illness. As such, research in Health Psychology spans a wide range of methodologies including observational, experimental, mechanistic, epidemiological as well as psychometric studies. In the field of treatment development, efforts are made to implement evidence-based treatment approaches in randomised controlled trials using both prevention and treatment study approaches.

In order to provide you with greater insight into this exciting field of psychology, we regularly post information on and news from our body of members and network associates on our website and social media accounts.

Further information on how to become a BPS-registered Health Psychologist can be found here:

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