Exclusive to 2021 – we are commencing a series of webinars.

MHPN webinars will be aimed at providing HP job-related skills- and CPD-based training and networking opportunities.

On APRIL 27th, 2021 @6pm we successfully hosted our first MHPN Webinar on Positive Psychology with the title: “Incorporating Positive Psychology in Conversations”.

An overview of speakers to follow imminently…


Expect a series of short talks over 75 minutes by 4 speakers:

an HP PhD student, an HP Assistant Psychologist, an HP Stage 2 Trainee and an HP Practitioner.

Presenters/Speaker Bios:

Dr Ainslea Cross is a NHS Health Psychologist at the Health Psychology Cardiovascular Diseases service at Glenfield Hospital, University Hospitals Leicester. The service is part of the Hypertension and Lipids outpatient specialist services. In her talk, she will discuss the role of her training and experiences in health care and academic settings and how this has informed her clinical work. She will further explain the specialist assessment and formulation processes and health psychology interventions used to help optimise patients’ self-management of cardiovascular diseases, including medication adherence and psychological health.

Cassie Screti is a final year PhD student at Aston University, their PhD research aims to understand how we can best support young people to live well with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cassie is also the chair of the Midlands Health Psychology Network. In this talk, Cassie will start by discussing her career journey after gaining my MSc in Health Psychology, and how this prepared her to start her PhD. She will finish her talk by providing an insight into what it’s like to be a Health Psychology PhD student and share personal experiences of conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maria Goodwin is a final year PhD student at Loughborough University, having previously completed her Stage 1 MSc at UCL. Her PhD investigates the associations between hearing loss and noncommunicable diseases (specifically, cardiovascular health and dementia), and the mediating role of physical activity.

In this talk, she will discuss her experience doing a PhD and the role her MSc in Health Psychology has played in informing her research both theoretically and methodologically. Maria will also discuss personal experiences in translating Health Psychology concepts and methods to other areas of Psychology.

Helena Morris is a Trainee Health Psychologist currently completing Stage 2 training via the DHealthPsych Professional Doctorate at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Based in London, Helena works as a Senior Assistant Health Psychologist within the Patient Engagement team at OPEN Health, a healthcare communications and market access company. In this talk, Helena will share her experience of the Professional Doctorate, reflecting on her journey so far – including how she is meeting the Stage 2 competencies and adapting to remote training.

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